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Dr. Sabrina Watson


The founder of FUTURE OF CHILDREN NETWORK INC. 501(c)(3) organization, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, educators and students and to grow personally and professionally through our proprietary and strategic processes.

Dr. Watson strives to empower entrepreneurs and youth leaders by providing educational training and other enriching opportunities that promote improved performance for professionals and positive development for youth. She works with educators, youth leaders, and parents to support them in their role of helping young people reach their full potential.

As a former public-school teacher, she not only has extensive knowledge of evidence-based practices that support positive youth development, she also draws from her years of in-depth research and her discovery of the integral role that important non-parental adults play in the support and development of youth living in high-risk, adverse conditions.

Dr. Watson has earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, her Master’s degree in early childhood education and her doctorate in Human Services, specializing in Family Studies and Intervention Strategies.

If you want to live with the freedom to live your best life, to use your voice, energy, and talents to maximizes your personal satisfaction in your career, academics, and relationships, Call Dr. Sabrina Watson today.