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We create asset-building schools and communities that help students and young
people grow and succeed in school and in life.

Main benefit: outreach to more 2 million youth by 2020.
A diverse group of youth between the ages of 12-20


The LEADA Sponsorship Program is the way that corporations and individuals can contribute substantially to the ongoing support of the Academy.

In return, LEAD Academy will officially acknowledge your donation via various methods appropriate to your sponsorship level, including your logo and link on the LEADA Thanks page, and an official sponsor image to place on the sponsor’s website.

Why Sponsor?

Business Reasons:

  • An opportunity to build stronger relationships with your local community through investment in local youth
  • Inclusion of 1-2 pieces of company literature highlighting your company pre and post event(s)
  • Co-branding by inclusion of your logo and contact info on LEAD Academy material, pre and post event(s)
  • Be part of the solution creating future employees and, instead of frustrated about lack of quality workforce


Heart Reasons:

  • The positive impact on your emotional well-being knowing you’ll be contributing to youth locally
  • Providing a positive opportunity and hope for the future to local youth
  • An opportunity to have a big impact on yourself and your business, without the big impact on your wallet

Our Goals for our Sponsors

LEADA’s goals for its sponsors include:

  • Connecting our sponsors to our audience
  • Educating our audience and their families about our sponsors products and services
  • Driving sales for our sponsors and growing our sponsors customer base
  • Enhance our sponsors’ cause related marketing by participating in our programs, benefiting youth ages 12-20 and their families.


The LEAD Academy comprises over a dozen top level projects and countless contributors and users both who are both the youth and their parents.  We are preparing for the following properties to conclude within the next several months:

  • National Youth Conference
  • MOMpreneur Conference
  • Launching of Single Mothers with Talented Youth Foundation (Non-Profit)
  • Professional Development for Teachers Summit

Each of our upcoming properties consist of live events designed to:

  • Increase confidence of youth ages 12-20, allowing them to better perform in school and life
  • Increase soft skills, helping young people to be better prepared for post-secondary education or the workforce
  • Increase communication skills with adults, setting them apart from their peers
  • Increase ability to develop critical thinking and collaboration skills
  • Include tools and other materials for participants to keep, further enhancing their experience and growth

Your sponsorship will allow the LEAD Academy to successfully meet these expenses as well as expand our capability to maintain our leadership in the local and outreach communities.


There are four sponsorship levels, defined by contribution amount and in-return benefits of sponsorship.


Contribution level: US$100k/year

  • Your logo Contribution on our LEAD Academy Thanks page with link
    • Logo Location: top section of page
    • Logo in rotating, random placement
  • Use of the LEADA Platinum Sponsorship logo for your site
  • Joint press release with the LEADA
  • Listed in LEADA monthly Newsletters
  • Listed in all LEADA press releases
  • New: Sponsor co-authored Case Study
  • New: “Success with LEADA” Post in the American Lifestyle Magazine
  • New: Media testimonial placement + spokesperson opportunities
  • New: Dedicated Sponsorship Ambassador


Contribution level: US$50k/year

  • Your logo on our LEAD Academy Thanks page with link
    • Logo Location: upper-middle section of page
    • Logo in alphabetical placement
  • Use of the LEADA Gold Sponsorship logo for your site
  • Personal quote for your press release
  • Listed in LEADA Quarterly + Annual Reports
  • Listed in all LEADA press releases
  • New: Sponsor co-authored Case Study
  • New: Media testimonial placement + spokesperson opportunities
  • New: Dedicated Sponsorship Ambassador


Contribution level: US$25k/year

  • Your logo on our LEADA Thanks page with link
    • Logo Location: lower-middle section of page
    • Logo in alphabetical placement
    • Logo in four column row
  • Use of the LEADA Silver Sponsorship logo for your site
  • Listed in LEADA monthly Newsletters
  • Listed in all LEADA press releases
  • New: Dedicated LEADA Ambassador


Contribution level: US$6k/year

  • Text mention on our LEADA Thanks page with ‘nofollow’ link
    • Text mention location: lower section of page
    • Alphabetical placement
    •  “Follow” link with multi-year commitment
  • Use of the LEADA Bronze Sponsorship logo for your site
  • Listed in LEADA monthly Newsletters

Additional Sponsor Benefits

Some promotional opportunities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Branding to LEAD Academy contributors and users
  • Hyperlink on LEAD Academy’s website and possible partner sites with information on unique visitors and web site hits
  • Cross promotions with charity partners
  • Enhance your cause-related marketing by participating in a program that benefits youth ages 12-20 and their families
  • Exclusivity in your category
  • Exhibitor opportunities, signage and your company representatives at the event(s)
  • Promotion in social online media
  • Branding on a national resource list
  • Speaking opportunity at the event(s)
  • Option to provide premium in show bags
  • Free ad in program book
  • Option to provide prize giveaways
  • On-site sales, sampling and couponing opportunities
  • VIP passes for staff and special clients
  • Promotion in upcoming media , American Lifestyle Magazine
  • Dedicated campaign with pre-marketing and follow-up promotion
  • Email blast to contributors and members
  • Press Release to various media outlets
  • Year-long coaching program to keep sponsor’s name visible
  • Making a Difference Award will be presented to sponsor with photo opportunities

The Founder’s Story

Tears flowed as she read the online message sent to her by a student she once taughtmore than twenty-years ago.  It was the moment she realized what an impact she had made on the life of ayoung person she once taught in a small 4thgrade classroom.

Thisstudent had now become an adult who decidedto share her experiences as a student in this teacher’s 4thgrade class from more than twenty years ago. The young lady recalled how she felt as a young child to have a teacher who was kind and took a personal interest inher as a young girl as well asall the other students.  The young lady recalled some of the things she learnedthat were mostimpactful at that age and as a result, she was inspiredto study Government and Politics abroad in London, England.  The young lady expressed her hopes forbeing at the forefront of education reform in developing countries like Africa.  Reading this note from a student so far ago was a defining moment for Dr. Watson as a former teacher that gave her great joy and a renewed passion and commitment to impacting the lives ofyoung people around the world.

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Actual Message:

“Mrs. Watson taught me in the 5thgrade when our first teacher left during the school-year.  I’ve thought about her often over the years.  I am now living in London, England and I am finishing a Master’s program at SOAS University of London in African Government and Politics. I remember Mrs. Watson particularly from that school year because we had gone through several teachers who kept quitting.  She came in to help us finish out the year and treated us amazingly! She even took the whole class to her home on the beach where we collected clams and seashells then brought them back to clean them.  One of my goals is to help reform education in developing countries (specifically Africa). I remember Mrs. Watson for how kind she was to (us) her students.”

Jessica L.